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On 8th and 20th January 2021, Motion Tracker team participated in virtual and physical consultative meeting with NCPD advocacy officers respectively. The objective of the meeting was to sensitize the NCPD advocacy team on the motion tracker project, share a work plan to enable the team to identify areas of synergy. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the recommitment of FP2020 to FP2030 for Kenya, launching on FP2020 best practices and expanding the FP2020 secretariat to include the motion tracker team and partners implementing DESIP project and Track 20. This engagement was important as it helps in the ownership, adoption and buy-in for the project. From the meeting it was agreed that the NCPD team to share feedback on the needs assessment on identification of skills gap of staff that needs to be strengthened, identify proactive officers to further engage them on the motion tracker project as FP champions in their specific regions.