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AHBN was among the few partners assembled by the FMoH to develop the zero draft of the Fp2030 commitment. Partners’ Meetings on the development of the Nigeria’s FP2030 Commitment – AHBN was part of the series of meetings and consultations with the FMoH to convene the first and second stakeholders’ meetings of FP partners for the development of the Nigeria FP2030 Partnership Recommitment in June and July 2021. Participants developed a new vision statement and new recommitment objectives among other sections of the document for the FP2030 Recommitment. AHBN contributed towards drafting proposed FP2030 accountability framework, including the proposal of ensuring mutual accountability for Nigeria’s country commitments and the use of the Motion Tracker. At the end of the event, which was also streamed online via Zoom for virtual participation, participants developed a zero draft of the Nigeria FP2030 Recommitment. A total of 34 in-person participants attended the meeting, with AHBN also supporting the online participation of six (6) young people, including the Youth FP Focal Point for FP2030 + two health journalists and one CSO leader, with data reimbursement to ensure youth and media representation, and inclusiveness in the recommitment process.