Progress Trackers

Is Indonesia on Track to achieve its FP2020 Commitments?

The Indonesian government has met its financial allocation goal made as part of its renewed commitment to FP2020. Indonesia has also successfully undertaken several South-to-South exchanges to share learnings and promote FP. In collaboration with civil society organizations (CSOs) and partners, Indonesia has made significant advances in implementing a national health insurance scheme, developing guidelines to improve supply chain management and ensuring that FP services are more accessible to young people and covered under health insurance. CSOs have been particularly crucial in mobilizing resources at the subnational level.

Indonesia Progress Chart

Overall progress made by Indonesia towards achieving its FP2020 and EWEC Commitments

Commitment Statements

The Commitment Statements below break down the overall FP2020 commitments (as shown above in Progress chart) by key objectives as shown below. These commitment statements are further categorized by the different WHO Health System Strengthening blocks.