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Dini Haryati
(Acting) Executive Director
(62-21) 2289 0140
Jl. Berlian No.5 RT.09/11, Kelurahan Bidara Cina Kecamatan Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur - 13330, Indonesia

To improve public health, not only can be achieved by relying on the role of government and practitioners from the fields of health, but also the role of strategic communication activities, especially as part of promotive and preventive efforts. Realizing the need to increase public awareness of the importance of health, mainly by changing the quality of life through strategic communications, Yayasan Cipta Cara Padu (YCCP) was established in 2008 to sustain donor assisted programs implemented by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs.

Organisation's Contributions

Process Indicator Contribution Description
Implementation of the Kampung KB initiative FP advocacy efforts at sub national level Since Kampung KB was firstly launched in 2016, Yayasan Cipta has actively supported Kampung KB in term of capacity strengthening for Kampung KB team in village level, by assisting the team in developing evidence-based workplans with AFP SMART adopted tools, namely Kampung KB SMART. This effort also includes assistance in village fund mobilization for family planning and strengthen the multi-sectoral collaboration in Kampung KB in district level (through District Working Group) and provincial level (through Provincial Working Group). Yayasan Cipta, collaborated with BKKBN – Directorate of Field Development, has also developed Kampung KB Guidelines for FP Field Officers (PLKB) to improve Kampung KB implementation. To date, Yayasan Cipta has assisted in total of 552 Kampung KB in 6 provinces and 26 districts. At the national level, Yayasan Cipta supported the Government by advocating Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration to include family planning in the priority of village funds allocation (resulted in Decree by Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Permendes) no 22 year 2016. This advocacy effort was based on lesson learned from the project related to village fund mobilization and FP in 2015. This allocation decree is annually updated, with BKKBN as one of the leading roles in the continuous effort and discussion with Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration.
Local Governments integrate population and FP indicators to their Medium Term Development Plans FP advocacy efforts at sub national level Through Advanced Family Planning (AFP) program since 2010, Yayasan Cipta assisted the district level through the forming of advocacy working groups in districts and provincial level to enabling environment for family planning revitalization in the decentralization era. With AFP SMART tools, which now has been adopted by BKKBN and renamed as BKKBN SMART, Yayasan Cipta actively assists local governments (districts and provincial level) to prioritize population and family planning program in the local government’s plan (i.e. by the issuance of Endorsement Letter, Governor’s Decree, etc). With BKKBN SMART as the advocacy tools being adopted and scaled up nationally by BKKBN, Yayasan Cipta has supported BKKBN in establishing a pool of advocacy facilitators with workshop in developing Family Planning advocacy strategy and workplan, and TOT SMART Facilitation to BKKBN Officers (supported by MyChoice program); conduct regional workshop on multi-sectoral Advocacy Working Group Establishment for all 34 province stakeholders in 2018 (supported by BKKBN); provide technical assistance to province through advocacy workshop to develop district advocacy strategis in 12 provinces (2018-August 2019) with the support from MyChoice program.
Government of Indonesia’s allocation for family planning programs annually Advocacy for increased funding Yayasan Cipta through AFP program since 2010 has been actively assisting local governments to prioritize population and FP in the local governments plans (issuance of endorsement letter,governor's decree ) which includes funds mobilization from local domestic budget.