• Take responsibility!!!Safe sex and planned parenthood is a decision.

    Take responsibility!!! Safe sex and planned parenthood is a decision! Don't find yourself regretting on the consequences of unsafe sex when you can do something about it.

  • Be the Empowered woman to safe guard your dreams and plans for the future

    In this time of Covid-19 and after you can discuss with your partner the different types of contraception available to you and take responsibility to safeguard your dreams and plans for the future.Be the Empowered Woman #staysafe

  • Adolescents chose to Abstain

    In this time of COVID-19 and after,you can delay sexual debut and child bearing if you commit to it as a young person...choose to Abstain.#staysafe


    Motion Tracker Partners Meeting held on 30th May 2019 at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala aimed at Building a Common Agenda: Drive towards achieving Uganda’s FP2020 and EWEC Commitments

  • A New Era for Every Woman, Every Child

    Shouldn’t a baby in Ethiopia and a baby in the U.S. have the same opportunity to be born safely? The Global Financing Facility in support of Every Woman Every Child, launched in July 2015, aims to bring an end to preventable maternal, child and adolescent deaths by 2030. Because healthy women and children enable healthy societies and economic growth.

  • Long Acting Methods of Contraception

    Ladies, did you know that the average woman can tell you difference between 20 different kinds of make up and only two kinds of contraception? Ladies! Lets go window shopping for long acting methods of contraception!

  • What is family planning injection? - Dr. Jyoti Kala

    The family planning injection is a long acting reversible and a very effective method of contraception. The family planning injection available in India is DMPA or depo medroxy progesterone acetate. It is given as a single shot to the muscle within the first 5 days of the menstrual cycle and works for upto 12 weeks.